How it Works

By decomposing lead sulfate crystals - the primary
cause of battery degeneration, REVIVER enhances
battery performance and prolongs life.


QPerformance issues due to aging battery

AAs the battery's service life gradually progresses, performance steadily degrades compared to new batteries. Battery voltage loss, increased internal resistance, decreased energy storage rate, and other factors can lead to performance degradation, such as a reduction in charging capacity or power. If performance decline continues unabated, it is difficult to use the battery for the lifespan specified by the manufacturer.

QCauses of lead battery performance degradation

ALead sulfate crystal adsorption on the negative plate is the primary cause of lead battery aging. When a healthy battery is charged, lead sulfate crystals naturally return to sulfuric acid. However, as the battery ages, these crystals instead stick to the electrode plate. As a result, as the battery is used, lead sulfate accumulates on the negative plate, decreasing the reaction area of the plates, causing the specific gravity of sulfuric acid in lead battery electrolytes decreases, and resulting in a fatal side-effect on battery performance and lifespan.

QMount REVIVER to address the issue

AREVIVER uses a tiny unit of electrical pulses to dissolve lead-sulfate crystals back into the electrolyte while putting no pressure on the battery plates. As a result, the lead sulfate crystals generated on the negative electrode are returned to the electrolyte in their original ionic condition, lowering the internal resistance and increasing the specific gravity of the battery. In this way, batteries are kept in top condition and enjoy the longest possible lifespan.
  • New battery plate

    01New battery plate

  • Sulfated plate

    02Sulfated plate

  • Decomposed lead sulfate crystals with REVIVER’s special micropulses

    03Decomposed lead sulfate crystals with REVIVER’s special micropulses

  • Recovery as new plate and prevention of reformation

    04Recovery as new plate and prevention of reformation

Are you interested in how
REVIVER allows you
to use lead batteries longer?

Check out the video below.

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