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QDoes REVIVER increase battery usage time?

The REVIVER pulse decomposes lead sulfate on the electrode plate and restores the specific gravity of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. As a result, the charging capacity increases and usage time is recovered. Of course, due to the physical/mechanical lifespan of the battery itself, the effect is not limitless.

QDoes REVIVER increase battery life?

By decomposing and inhibiting lead sulfate crystals, REVIVER restores and increases battery life. Yet the crystallization of lead sulfate is only one of the factors that reduce battery life. Other problems, such as physical degradation of the separator, damage to the electrode plate due to complete discharge, and neglect of the battery, cannot be solved by installing REVIVER.

QHow long will REVIVER extend battery life?

. It is impossible to predict exact battery life because this is highly dependent on a user's battery usage patterns. In the case of batteries for forklifts, for example, some users replace them every 2 years or less, while others replace them every 5-7 years, depending on the usage environment.

Because REVIVER continuously decomposes the lead sulfate crystals that form during the battery charging and discharging process, it slows the deterioration rate and extends the battery's lifespan regardless of usage patterns. Despite predict difficulties, we estimate that REVIVER will generally extend service life by two to three times.

QDoes REVIVER increase forklift power?

There is no direct relationship between improved battery performance by REVIVER and increased forklift power output. However, as battery performance improves, the time also extends at which the battery generates full voltage output levels. Furthermore, user experiences demonstrate that forklift movement became uniform and smooth as a result of reduced performance gaps between battery cells.

QHow long for effect to appear after installing REVIVER?

In some cases, the specific gravity of sulfuric acid in the battery increased within one week with forklift products. Depending on the initial state of the battery, performance has been seen to increase continuously for two to three months. In most cases, specific gravity figures have been maintained for more than six months. On average, the effect of REVIVER can be seen after 3-4 weeks.

QHow can I test the effectiveness of REVIVER after installation?

The specific gravity of the electrolyte and the internal resistance of the electrode plates are the main performance indicators of lead-acid batteries. The specific gravity usually ranges from 1.2 to 1.3. Nearness to 1.3 at full charge voltage indicates new battery performance. On the other hand, nearness to 1.2 indicates the need for replacement.

Internal resistance, unlike specific gravity, varies according to battery type. Decreased resistance after installing REVIVER indicates improved performance.

Flooded batteries (forklifts, golf carts, etc.) can measure both specific gravity and resistance, but sealed batteries (automobiles starters) only measure resistance. (NOTE: Do not open or close batteries unless instructed by the manufacturer.) Please refer to the manual.

QDoes it work on all batteries?

. REVIVER regeneration technology is based on the fundamental and basic principles of lead batteries and can be used with any battery type.You can buy and install a REVIVER that is compatible with any battery's specifications.

However, because REVIVER is a healing/complementary method for lead sulfate crystals, it may not be effective for batteries that have been physically damaged or deformed. Please see the product manual for more information.

QWhat differentiates REVIVER from low-cost products on the market?

Most low-cost products on the market are 12-48V general-purpose products that use intense pulses in an even pattern.

REVIVER pulses are asymmetrical in shape and custom-designed for the rated voltage of the battery, ensuring superior performance recovery effects compared to other products. Also, because REVIVER uses special micropulses, the electrode plate is less likely to be damaged.

QIs REVIVER a battery charger?

REVIVER does not have a charging function. (Chargers must be purchased separately.)

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