A company with the mission statement of "Clean Energy & Better Life"

INGINE INC., the company behind REVIVER’s battery life extension technology,
is a specialized renewable energy company founded in 2011. By studying renewable energy,
we have discovered that energy storage is as important as energy itself.
As a result, in addition to our current wave and solar power businesses,
we are doing our best to create economical, environmentally friendly energy storage solutions.

Business fields

  • Wave EnergyWave
  • Solar EnergySolar
  • Energy StorageEnergy
  • Solar EnergySystem &
REVIVER is a small device promoting a 'sustainable battery solution’ at the heart of energy storage technology to extend lead-acid battery life.
By increasing the performance and prolonging the lifespan of lead-acid batteries, REVIVER contributes to a greener future.
‘REVIVER’ means to regenerate/revive a battery whose lifespan has shortened in order to make it usable again.
The green infinity symbol (REVIVER) signifies REVIVER's corporate identity,
emphasizing the company's commitment to clean, environmentally friendly energy sources.
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