Features & Benefits

REVIVER improves the performance and extends the life of lead-acid batteries.


01A simple one-time

02Boosts your battery's

03Extends your battery’s
life and usage time


Reduce the cost of purchasing a new battery by 1-2 times

  • REVIVER maintains battery performance, extends life, and increases replacement cycles.
  • Installing REVIVER in new and existing batteries slows battery aging and extends remaining life, save you one or two times on battery replacement cycles.

Enhance work efficiency by increasing charging capacity

  • The REVIVER for driving batteries increases charging/discharging capacity and battery usage time.
  • By extending discharge time & increasing operating time, your work-efficiency improves significantly.
Easyand simple

Free yourself from discharge worries by increasing charging capacity

  • For SLI batteries, REVIVER maintains the battery in top condition for starting engines, lighting, audio systems, etc.
  • Batteries continuously degrade in capacity, but you may avoid worries about cycles and falling capacity by installing REVIVER.
Easyand simple
Easy and Simple

Easy and simple to install, no maintenance required

  • Anyone can easily install REVIVER by connecting the +/-pole terminal and attaching to the battery sidewall.
  • No need for maintenance after installation, not even detaching the product during charging/discharging.
  • REVIVER operates on battery power, but consumes so little as to have negligible effect on battery power.
※ The impact on battery usage time and life may differ depending on the battery usage pattern,
charging and discharging pattern, temperature, and overcharge status.
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